Little Bombs…

As much as I love my kids, I equally hate their toys… Elvis got a ton of legos for christmas, and Tiki got a bunch of cars. The legos have become landmines… they lie in wait for you to step near them, and as soon as you lift your foot they move and cause you step on them! The cars do something similar, only when you step on them, they typically make your foot slide out from underneath you. And, of course, cleaning them up is senseless, because they just reappear in different areas of the house.

And then there’s the food…. Tiki has decided that is great fun to dump his bowl of Cheerios out and put them back in the bowl. Which is fine, until he gets bored and leaves the rest on the floor…. Elvis seems to think that wrappers mysteriously disappear and that the garbage can includes the floor in front of it. Maybe this year I should do something about it… or just continue cleaning up behind them.


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