Vegetables and Chocolate

While watching VeggieTales for the millionth time today, (it’s a good thing I love VeggieTales!) I was struck by how vegetables were eating chocolate bunnies….. It made me wonder if they’re really teaching children valuable lessons. I mean, they are already discouraging kids from eating veggies, because, let’s be real, who really wants to eat Bob and Larry! And then these same vegetables are eating chocolate! Teaching kids that it’s ok to have sweets before their veggies!

Now that I think about, maybe that’s why I’m not that big a fan of veggies myself….(thanks mom and dad for letting me watch these cartoons as a kid) I typically just eat corn, lettuce, broccoli and carrots…with the exception of last, there aren’t any of these in the cartoons.

Oh well, at least they’re learning about God…and cebus…


One thought on “Vegetables and Chocolate

  1. Ha ha! This takes me back at least 10 years ago when your sister and I sang Veggie Tales songs all the way from your house to Grandmom and Poppop’s house. This was when y’all lived 4 hours away, I believe. Anywho, *we* enjoyed ourselves, but I don’t think Poppop did. 😛


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