Teething and Dead Cows

Teething…. it’s probably a good thing that babies teeth while they can’t talk. They’re cranky enough as it is, I can’t imagine what they’d be saying if we could understand them. The grown ones are bad enough! Tiki is currently cutting molars, and is cranky as all get out. My husband cracked a tooth and is overdosing himself on ibuprofen because he won’t go see a dentist, so he’s cranky…. I’ve decided that I much rather have the baby teething, because I can put him in his room, put earphones in and ignore him. The husband…not so much…

On a completely unrelated matter, dead cows are gross! You’d think that with working in surgery, seeing raw meat still attached to the bones wouldn’t be that bad… But there’s something about pulling into a driveway, and seeing two HUGE carcasses on the back of pickup, that’s totally and completely disgusting.  It’s a good thing that the meat tastes as good as it does, because I wouldn’t eat it otherwise…


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