I’m so proud of my husband! He has finally managed to master, the ever so hard, mac’n’cheese! (the kind in the blue box) He has made it a few times, in a row, where it is completely edible! This is the first time since before we were dating that this has happened. It cracks me up, because he is a great cook. He can make some really good food, and loves to experiment with different combinations (although it usually happens when I’m gone) 😦 . However, mac’n’cheese has always eluded him. I don’t know why it usually turns out so bad, I’ve watched him make it and it looked like he did correctly….but it tasted like crap. It got to the point where even Elvis would ask who made it before he ate any. But now, for whatever reason, it tastes like it’s supposed to again!

Now it’s one less thing that I HAVE to make….I can turn it over to him! Especially on the days when I have to leave for a show as soon as he gets home from work.


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