Boys and their Toys…

So, it’s been longer that I had intended. Getting food poisoning apparently puts one out of commission for days…. I have way to much to catch up on, so I’ll start with the find I had on Sunday, during one of my few trips outside the bedroom/bathroom. I found this list on the table, that appeared to be a list of names of people. Upon further reading, I discovered that it was a list of soldiers….

Ok, I have to back this story up a day. On Saturday, Elvis went shopping with me, and was being so good, that I decided to let him pick out a small toy. (note the word “small”) He picked out this cowboy set that included a rifle, a handgun and holster, several sticky bullets (the suction cup kind), handcuffs (snicker), and of course, the all important, sherriff’s star. And, to his great delight, all this came to a grand total of $5, which just so happened to be the same price as the tractor that I had picked out. So we got the guns. On the way home from the store, he proceced to tell me that I was on his team, as was Tiki (although since Tiki was a “baby soldier” he doesn’t get a gun), but Daddy wasn’t. And Daddy needed to be locked up (snicker, snicker). Or shot, “we have to see how bad he is”.

It was at this point, I began to wonder if maybe I had made a mistake. Oh, well, too late now.

Elvis continued this monologue the entire way home (I tuned him out pretty quickly), and proceced to explain the same story to my husband when we got home (as the guns are being opened). He spent most of the afternoon playing with his new toys, until it was time for my husband and I to leave for the evening, at which point I promptly forgot about Elvis’ “team”.

And this leads us back to that find on the kitchen table. Apparently, Elvis had the babysitter create a list of people in his army (it had changed from being just a team). And, at the top of this list was….drumroll please…. Captain Major Chief Soldier Guy.

That made this toy set entirely worth it. We just have to work out the details of capitol punishment…


One thought on “Boys and their Toys…

  1. BUA HAHAHAHA….that. is. amazing. and hilarious. I would just like to say, that not living at mom and dads has made life a little less hilarious, so it’s kind of awesome that you’re writing about the things at your house. 😀 and they are funny. every time, I can’t wait for Caden to start really talking! ha.


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