Forks….are they really necessary?

I’m sitting here watching Tiki eat his dinner. (yet another successful box of mac’n’cheese made by my husband!) As, he’s eating, I’ve noticed that the fork is only semi-used. It’s primary purpose appears to be as a stabbing tool, at which time whatever has been speared gets taken off the fork, with fingers, and shoved into the mouth.

I got to thinking, why do we use silverware anyways? They used to eat with their fingers several centuries ago, with only the occasional knife to cut the meat into finger-sized portions. They enjoyed their food that much more, by including all the senses.

Maybe we should go back to that, and actually enjoy eating again. Instead of “dieting” and depriving yourself of food that you think is bad for you, why not only make food that you would enjoy picking up and eating with your hands.

Food for thought… (pun intended 🙂 )


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