Cleaning and Blizzards

As I’m writing this, the remnants of a blizzard are blowing outside. We have gotten over a foot of snow overnight! (to all my friends who love this, good for you! And to all my friends who are lucky enough to have moved away, can I come live with you for the winter?) Anyways, I had gone outside to start shoveling (and promptly gave up when the plows came through), and when I came back in, I found that Elvis had been practicing his handwriting. Now, normally I would be encouraging this and applauding him, however, as he used my front window as his paper, I wasn’t quite as thrilled. Luckily, it’s Crayola washable marker, so it should come off with Windex pretty easily. (I haven’t cleaned it yet, I think I’m going to leave it up for a while…)

I have also been busy creating a blizzard inside too. I had the day off yesterday, and decided to tackle Elvis’ room and reorganize and rearrange everything. It was an all day event (especially since I had to do it around Tiki’s naptimes), and I’m still not quite done. (I need to get a couple more baskets to put coloring supplies in, which, by the way, is where Elvis had found the marker to draw on the window with)

Then, last night, as I was checking my email, I had a crying boy come running to me and say that I had thrown all his toys away. I told him that I didn’t, and he then brought me the trash bag as proof! I then had to explain to him that I only threw away the “broken toys” and the rest were in a basket on his shelf (which I had moved). He wasn’t convinced that the toys were all broken, but since he still had some in is room he let it go.

After this conversation, I realized that the way I cleaned his room was much like how my father cleaned mine growing up. Only my dad had much stricter rules! If we weren’t there to save it, it was in the garbage bag. Of course, maybe that’s better than sneaking all the dumb happy meal toys into the bag. (who came up with that idea anyway?)


3 thoughts on “Cleaning and Blizzards

  1. 1. Make Blake clean the window!
    2. They have window crayons/markers that they sell in the Crayola aisle. I’ve been thinking about getting some. Maybe a good investment?
    3. Never put the Happy Meal toys on the top!!! Cover them with coffee grounds or dirty diapers.
    4. Make sure you have some fun today 🙂


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