Groundhog Day was 3 days ago and the groundhog predicted an early spring! Now I’m not sure I buy into the whole shadow/no shadow thing, especially since the first official day of spring isn’t for another 6 weeks anyway (plus, with living in Michigan, we aren’t guarunteed warm weather until July), but it does bring a little hope that the 10 feet of snow we have will disappear sooner rather than later. (ok, maybe I’m exaggurating a little, but not much….)

But the real reason I brought this up, was because of the movie Groundhog Day, where they live the same day over and over and over, until they understand why it’s happening. I decided yesterday, that winter in Michigan, (especially this year) is like Groundhog Day. The same thing day after day after day. 20 degrees and a chance for snow. BORING!!!! I need sun and warmth! But, until I can convince my husband that it really is a good idea to move south, I’m stuck here.

On a side note, my children are entirely to smart for their own good. Tiki has figured, not only how to climb onto the kitchen chairs, but how to pull those same kitchen chairs out from the table to climb onto them. And Elvis, has figured out that if he puts a Mr. Potato Head mustache in his nose (ok, maybe this one isn’t that smart, but it is funny), he doesn’t have to hold it and he can be a short and sweatshirt-wearing, pirate eye patch covering, mustache sporting, plastic, with duct tape, gun bearing, police officer. (oh, and he also has sock pulled up to his knees, like Poppa, and sneakers)

Ok, so maybe it isn’t the same thing day after day after day. But only because I have two (or three if you count the grown one) crazy kids to keep me laughing.


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