Humor vs. Parenting

Being the mother of two boys makes for some very interesting parenting. I don’t always understand their thought processes, and when I do, it scares me. It also makes for a lot of craziness and laughter. Most of the time the two are separate, which is great, because then I don’t have to punish while hiding a smile. However, other times, they are one and the same.

Yesterday, Elvis decided to disobey me, and played in the snowbank without boots or gloves on. Then was upset when his hands were “freezing to death” and his socks were wet. We were getting in the car, and I really didn’t have anything to dry his hands, and I wasn’t about to let him take his shoes off. So, he cried until I (not so quietly) explained to him that because he disobeyed, he was just going to have to “freeze to death”. I then giggled the rest of the way home, because he muttered most of the way about how I was a mean mommy, and I didn’t care about his wet hands.

Today, Tiki was sitting in my lap, and Elvis came over and started to bug him. Tiki then smacked Elvis in the head. Elvis started to whine, and then stopped and said “oh wait, that didn’t hurt”.  So Tiki hit him harder, and Elvis said it didn’t hurt. Now normally I wouldn’t allow hitting, but this amused me. This went on for a few minutes before Tiki went to biting. That’s when I stopped it.

Now, maybe I’m a bad mother because I firmly believe in learning from mistakes, or because I let my kids beat on each other for my amusement. But, sometimes, it’s just plain funnier to be a “bad mom” than to yell at my kids to be good. And then again, maybe that just makes me a better mom, because I do let them learn the hard way, which may involve some abuse from each other. Who knows, for now I’ll just keep laughing.


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