Shopping without kids

I love to shop. I am happy going to a store or the mall and spending hours just browsing. I don’t even have to buy anything! (I usually do, but that’s besides the point) When I have a few hours to myself, shopping is usually high on the list of stuff I try to do. I spend so much time browsing that getting groceries when I’m by myself almost always takes at least 2 hours, even when I’m only picking up a couple things, because I go up and down every single aisle.

Now I know that some people hate to shop, and are in and out as quickly as they can. And clothes shopping is even worse for these people. I don’t understand it, but that’s ok, it means they’re out of my way faster! 🙂

Shopping WITH kids, however is an entirely different story! And when you add my husband to the mix, it’s just plain torture (sorry hon, if you’re reading this, I really do love you!) The boys aren’t very patient while I’m browsing the gardening section, or looking at every single cute boot in the show department. And I’m not allowed slow down, much less stop and check out the camping aisle if my husband is nearby. It’s very depressing. I leave the store feeling like I missed out on something, even if I had no intention of buying anything. I just like to know what’s there, so if I ever do need something, I know where to look for it and roughly how much I’d be paying for it.

So every chance I have to shop by myself I take it! I liken it to therapy, there’s something very relaxing about slowly perusing the shelves, and a deep sense of satisfaction when I find a great deal! Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper….


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