The Embracing of Holidays

With today being St. Patrick’s Day, I got to thinking. America loves to embrace holidays of every other nation, especially if it involves drinking. We also have several other “holidays” like Grandparents Day, Groundhog Day, Secretaries Day, Presidents Day and so on. And then there’s all the named days like Martin Luther King Jr day, Columbus Day, etc.

Since we have all these days, I think that America should embrace the Mom day. Not Mothers Day, because this celebrates all women who have been mothers whether or not they currently have children at home. No, we need a Mom’s Day. A day that any mother, who currently has kids at home, can send those kids away (preferably watched by those who never intend to have children so they know what it’s like), and do whatever they want to!

Or, here’s an even better idea! Lets institute a monthly Mom’s Day! So this glorious day can exist 12 times a year!

Here’s to Mom’s Day! I will spend my days reading without being interrupted, getting my nails done, taking baths without random toys floating in the water, and sleeping all night long!


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