Interesting Disciplines

My husband has an interesting way of disciplining our children at times. A few months ago, when he was getting fed up with Elvis constantly opening the fridge door and then just standing there with it open, he decided to make Elvis stand in front of the fridge for a minute and then apologize to it. I had a very difficult time keeping from laughing….

Well, it just got better! Elvis has a nasty habit of closing the dishwasher door while the bottom drawer is still pulled out. Often leading to clanking of dishes (nothing’s been broken yet, but it’s only a matter of time!). So, my husband, continuing on this line of discipline, made Elvis, not only apologize to the dishwasher, but give it a hug too!

Now, once again, I had a very difficult time keeping quiet. (it kinda ruins the effect of punishment when one parent is laughing) And, to make it even better, it seems to work! I don’t know what possessed¬†my husband to think of it, but it’s effective and so we will continue it as long as we can. And, hopefully I can do better about the laughter. (although, it’s very funny to watch a 4-year-old attempt to hug a dishwasher….)


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