Life Desicions

Elvis has recently informed me that he know what he’s gonna be when he “gets bigger, and bigger, like so big I can touch the sky!”  He’s going to Japan to teach them how to speak English and Spanish and “Japan”-words.

He’s also going to build “the most awesomest house ever!” It supposedly going to have an indoor firepit, that has seats built around it, so he can have fires when it’s windy out. The house is going to be red and white, and have big huge doors and baby windows. And, his house is going to be better than his brother’s. Tiki’s house is apparently only going to be red. Otherwise, they’ll be the same.

Elvis is planning on having his own son, that he’s in charge of, and NO girls allowed. (Still trying to figure out where this “son” is going to come from, but who knows what technology will allow for in the future.)

If only the plans and dreams of our childhood, came true. Then again, if that happened, I’d have 5 kids, 3 dogs, a couple cats, all living in a Corvette….


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