Early start to chores?

I am currently having an ongoing disagreement with my son. Tiki seems to think that every time he walks into the kitchen he should open the dishwasher. Not only does he want it open, he wants it emptied! And, seeing as how he’s only 3 ft tall, it means he needs help.

Now, this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, he wants to help, and is very careful when he’s pulling the dishes out. But I don’t want to put the dishes away any sooner than I have to. Because that means I have to fill it again, and I hate doing dishes! I hate them so much, I have enough dishes to last about 2 weeks without doing them.  And then it leads to a marathon day of dishes, which I then put off for a couple more days because there’s so many of them. (I know, I know, if I just did them every day or every other day, it wouldn’t be so bad. I just don’t like doing them at all….)

And so, when I get around to finally doing them, I only have to empty about 6 things, and that leaves Tiki disappointed that there aren’t more. I truly hope he continues to like emptying the dishwasher, because as soon as both boys are able, they will be doing the dishes. And way more often than when I do them.

And now to start round 2 of dish washing for today….(I really can’t wait until I can make the boys to them….)

For those who are wondering why my husband doesn’t do them: Early in our marriage, we had a fight about whose turn it was to do them. That led to a month-long stint where we just washed what we needed, and never actually did them, ’til I gave in. And now, he can claim the “I cooked, so you clean”…. (maybe I should start cooking again…)


4 thoughts on “Early start to chores?

  1. Around here, whoever cooks, the other person does the dishes, and the cook keeps the dishwasher company. So which is the lesser of your two evils? ;P


    • Except that I don’t like either, so they are equally evil! Hence, I can’t wait until the boys are old enough, and I don’t have to do them anymore!
      Plus, is really fair to split the chores like that, if the one who cooks only cooks for himself? Just sayin’….


      • well, the cook has to cook for everyone. If he only cooks for himself, that’s not fair, then he’s responsible for his own dishes.
        You would be utterly doomed if you’d lived “back in the day”….lol


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