Growing up, Part 2

So kindergarten screening is done… That was a lot rougher than I thought it would be. (for me, not Elvis). And this was just to see if the teachers thought he was ready for kindergarten or if he needs another year. It’s a good thing the school provides tissues for the first day of school!

Elvis did fine. He was telling one of the teacher some story (I couldn’t sit with him, I was banished to the “mom circle”), using grand motions and movements, and was cracking the teacher up. The teacher was also impressed that he could tell the story while coloring and cutting out a picture. We haven’t gotten the results back yet… 😦  They wait until they’ve screened everyone before they talk to the parents, but I think Elvis is ready.

Especially since he was bullying an older kid in the bathroom before we left. The other kid was apparently using too much soap, and using it the wrong way! I’m so glad I’m raising a free thinking young man…. I think…

I have more to add, but food is calling my name.

Part 3 to follow soon.


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