Growing up, Part 3….sorta…

With all that has gone on with preparing Elvis for school next year, he has had his own questions that he needed answered. We have started the famous “where do babies come from?” line of questions. Sorta.

Elvis asked me the other day if we could go to the hospital. I asked him why, and I got “because I want to get another baby.” So I asked why he wanted another baby. “So I can be in charge of it.” It’s starting to make a little more sense, Tiki had just taken a handful of toys and ran away from his brother with them. I explained to Elvis that it doesn’t quite work that way, you can’t just go to the hospital and bring home a baby.  (he obviously doesn’t remember me being pregnant.) I told him that every baby has to have a mommy and a daddy. He replied, “So when I get bigger like you I can find a girl and then go the hospital to get a baby.” Me, “Yes, when you get bigger, you can find a girl to marry and then have a baby.” Elvis, “Ok, I’ll marry Joy” (my babysitter’s daughter, who tells Elvis on a regular basis that she will NOT marry him.) Ok. We left it at that.

And then it got better! A couple nights ago, we were shopping at Walmart, and Elvis made this comment: “Wow, they sure are growing a lot of babies here!” There were a lot of moms and their newborns at the store for some reason. So I asked why he thought they grew babies at the store. He said something along the lines of “you grow babies at the store, and then pick them up at the hospital.”

It’s going to be interesting in a couple years, when he finally realizes where babies actually come from. But for now, I think we may have finally explained where “Walmart people” come from!


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