Grounded from “everything!”

Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this. We’ll try not to do that anymore. Anyway, life has been relatively normal around here the last couple months. Except for the last week or so.

Elvis has decided that it was the week to ground himself from all fun stuff. Last Sunday, he decided to practice writing his name. On the wall. With a permanent marker. It’s just a good thing that it was in the basement, on a part of the wall that I haven’t painted yet. So he was grounded from movies. And then I discovered (on the same day), that he’d been playing with the stuff in my office. Including writing his name on my notepad with the same Sharpie he’d used on the wall. He was then told when Tiki goes to bed so does he. For a week.

So, for the last week, Tiki has been the only one to watch movies (it’s a good thing I like Veggie-Tales), and both boys have been in bed before 8pm. It’s too bad we had to stay home…..

Then on Wednesday, Elvis decided that he needed to use half a roll of toilet paper, all at once. And then tried to flush it down. When it didn’t go down the first time, he tried it again. And again. It flooded the basement bathroom. And this wasn’t the first time he’s done that.

Normally on Wednesdays he goes to church with my mother-in-law, but my husband and I can’t exactly punish Elvis, by keeping him home from church. There’s just something morally wrong with doing that. And since he’d already been grounded from movies, there wasn’t anything else to take away.

Trying to come up with a punishment, was tough. So we didn’t. Hopefully he won’t figure out that if he’s already been grounded, he can get away with other stuff.

And so begins a new week, with all privileges back. (no more early nights) 😦 We shall see what this next week holds!


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