Summer Learning…err…Fun!

So it’s the first day of July, and we’ve had a very busy summer already. We spent Memorial weekend up at the family cabin in Baldwin. A place that is far enough away to feel like you’re getting away, without taking a ridiculous amount of time getting there. It’s also a fairly small place, so after 4 days, it’s a great reminder that, yes, we love each other, and yes, it’s good to go home where we can scatter.

Elvis also had his last day of pre-school. It was a carnival themed event, and I spent most of the time watching Tiki eat the fruit-loops that were supposed to be for making necklaces. Elvis enjoyed himself, and while he may miss his friends he made there, it had become very clear to me in the last few weeks, that he is more than ready for kindergarten. I received his final report card in the mail today, and that too confirmed that we made the right decision to move him on. (although his preschool teacher doesn’t think so) He had a great experience, and I can’t wait (or maybe I can…) to send Tiki there in a couple years (yikes!!).

Now I don’t want Elvis to suffer from “summer brain”, so I purchased a computer game, that he’s allowed to play for a few hours a week, that is made specifically for kindergarteners. I’m also trying to work with him a little outside that too. Like writing his letters, and recognizing word groups and stuff like that. My husband has also gotten in on this, although his focus has been more on grammar.

Now, I’m not sure what possessed him to teach Elvis proper grammar (especially since he doesn’t always use it himself), but I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Here’s how the conversation went: (by the way this happened the last week when we went up to the cabin)

Elvis: Me and mommy are going swimming, and you have to stay here with Tiki.

Jon: No, it’s “Mommy and I.”

Elvis: NO! I’M going!!!!

Jon: No….you say it “Mommy and I”

Elvis: No! You’re not going, I am!

Jon: Ok, repeat after me, “Mommy and I”

Elvis: Mommy and you.

Jon: Nevermind

Me: (laughing hysterically), So how’d that work out for you….


We’ll see if my husband continues trying to teach Elvis grammar.


I also got the opportunity (or so I’ll call it), to help chaperone a girl’s overnight with the girls from our youth group. We had 23 girls from 7th grade on up to just graduated highschool, plus 2 adults and a baby. It’s been a loooonng time since I’ve stayed up all night, much less with that much estrogen running around. But I did it, and I think I got the least amount of sleep. I went to bed around 5:30 or so, and was back up by 7. Although, that hour and half of sleep was probably better than the girls who fell asleep on the stairs. I had a blast, but the next few days of walking down stairs hurt like crazy! Apparently I’m too old to be running around a dark church in the middle of the night playing hide-n-go seek.

After spending last weekend at the cabin, it’s nice to not be going anywhere for the 4th. It’s great having my husband home on the weekends, but we are super busy now. Not that I’m complaining per se, but I like not having any firm plans…. (except for the normal cleaning and other chores that are necessary evils).

The rest of summer is packed, but the memories made have been great so far, and hopefully that will continue on (if only I could remember my camera more often…..)


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