And we’re off……

It’s been a crazy summer. And it’s almost over. Part of me is glad, (Elvis reaallllyyyy needs to go to school) and part of me is wishing summer could go on forever. We’ve had several family vacations, including celebrating my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. (an entire post on that is forthcoming,  maybe, if I ever finish it….) I’ve had an amazing summer with Premier Designs (the jewelry company I work for), and am on track to have an amazing fall too!

But the biggest change, happened about 2 weeks ago, when one of my husband’s friends asked to come over to talk for a bit. He introduced us to an insurance company that allows people to work part time and bring in extra income. This greatly intrigued both of us. After another meeting at our house, plus one at the company’s office, we decided to give it a try. So now, in addition to me selling jewelry, Jon will be selling insurance (with my help in the background). However, for this to be the most beneficial for us, it was recommended that I get licensed as well.

Jon and I are apparently making waves. Part of that is because I’m getting ready to take the test tomorrow (which I’m told no one does in a week and a half), and part of that is because we have a goal that we want to reach, and reach fast. We want to be able to quit our full-time jobs and be able to do what we want with our time. For me, that means staying home with the boys, and being able to be involved in all the kids’ school and sports stuff without having to request the time off. For Jon, well I’m not sure what he plans on doing yet, but whatever it is, it will be a whole lot better than what he’s doing now.

And, in the midst of all this, Elvis starts soccer in a couple weeks (and I apparently volunteered to be a coach when I signed him up, that could be interesting…..). And kindergarten starts next week! Okay, officially his first day isn’t until Sept 6th, but we have parent orientation, and a meet’n’greet with his teacher next week.

The only one not doing something new is Tiki. Except, he’s now sleeping in a big boy bed! It’s only been a week, but so far no problems, and no destroyed room.

It’s going to be a crazy fall, but we’ve got our running shoes on, and shields in front to knock down any hurdles. So don’t be surprised when you see us blowing through and only giving a wave as we head towards our goal.



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