Amazing Stuff

I am amazing. I’m not trying to be conceited, but I am. This is a conclusion that has been reinforced for as long as I can remember. From the time I was little, my parents taught me to be a free-thinker, and to be independent. I am the type of person who sets a goal and then barrels toward it at full speed until it is complete. (That being said, it has to be a goal that I decide to make for myself, and not one set for me). I can do almost anything I set my mind too. I also have the ability to read quickly and retain most if not all what was read. I can be incredibly organized, and have my entire schedule for the next 2 months memorized. When I choose to make a commitment, I do everything I can to keep it.

These are all amazing things that I do. Or so I’m told.

For me, it’s just normal. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with saying I can obtain my life license in 8 days and then doing it. I don’t see anything wrong with making a life changing decision quickly. And so what if I take on 3 jobs? If it means staying home with my kids by next year, it’s worth a little craziness for a while.

I’ve been told a lot lately, that what I do, and how I function and think, is nothing short of incredible. That nobody does this. I feel as though I am being watched like little boy watching a bug with a magnifying glass. I don’t get it, I just do what I need to. Apparently that is above and beyond what most people do.

God has blessed me with incredible talents, and I am just using them to the best of my ability. To do anything else would be disrespectful. God gave me these amazing gifts, and also the drive use them effectively. All of my “sudden” decisions came with much prayer and contemplation. And I go how God leads me, and I try not to question it. Or if I am, I go for it anyways with the knowledge that God always has my best interests at heart, so whatever happens can’t be all that bad in the end.

I’m not amazing, God is. It is only because of what he’s allowed me to do, that I can accomplish what I do. If it weren’t for Him, I would be nothing. And as good as it feels to have people looking up to me, I can’t take the credit for it. It is entirely God, and also my parents for teaching me to listen and follow. That’s it. Nothing more.



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