Motivation: A motivating force, stimulus, or influence. Motive: something (as a need or desire) that causes a person to act.

It’s a concept that influences everything we do. It’s the “why” of what we do. It’s the reason things happen, from the small stuff (getting out of bed, cleaning the house, using the bathroom,etc) to the big stuff (going to work, participating in hobbies, etc). What provides the motivation is different for everyone. Some things are basically the same for all of us, (our bladder is full, causing discomfort, therefore the motivation is to empty it to get relief) while others are complex (work ethic falls in this). No matter what we do, motivation is involved. Some people are easy to motivate, all it takes is someone saying to them , “Hey, you should go do that.” and there they go. Others (like myself) need to decide for themselves that they, really do indeed, want to do something.

It’s interesting to me, that people focus on what motivates them, and then expect those same things to work on everyone. And while most will probably be at least partially motivated by general things, (money, stuff, praise) on people like me, it falls short.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of things I’ll do for a little bit of cash, or a stupid little prize. But those things are almost always things I’d do anyway. I don’t know if I can even describe what motivates me. I know I’m difficult to motivate, it drove my parents crazy growing up (sorry dad), and it’s also going to drive me crazy because my son is just like me. (You’d think that would help, but it doesn’t) What motivated me a year ago, is probably not what’s motivating me now.

The last couple of months have made me realize just how strange it is, that I can motivate myself so easily. I don’t have easily visible “trigger” points, and I don’t really need the external push. This baffles people. It also amuses me to see people try to motivate me and “get nowhere.” It’s not that they’re getting nowhere, it’s just that I don’t care that much, at that moment. I have been blessed with a husband who is motivated much the same way as me, so we understand each other. It makes it a whole lot easier when others don’t get it.

I have to stop this post here. It is apparently a whole lot harder to write than I thought, and it’s going down a different path that I intended to take. So, before I write something I regret, I’ll stop. And hopefully pick it back up, when things calm down a little.

Motivation…..drives a lot of things….not all are good….


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