Love at first….sight?

I had the privilege of being Elvis’ lunch parent at school today. WOW!!! 27 kindergarteners is a lot of kids….times that by 3 and you have the amount of kids on the playground for recess….. The other mom for our class is the mother of a girl we’ll call “Zoe.” Zoe is a very cute girl. She is also one of Elvis’ girlfriends. That’s right I said “one of.” Apparently my son is following directly in his father’s footsteps. Elvis is a ladies man, always has been. He loves to flirt with anyone female, it could be the cashier, or the waitress or his babysitters. He can charm just about anyone, and he’s very good at complimenting people.

These skills have been translated straight to his class. He has (according to him) 3 girlfriends and an ex-girlfriend. Here’s the best part… the only one he actually plays with and talks to is the ex….

High school is going to be interesting….


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