Thanksgiving and…. Popcorn?

Thanksgiving, a holiday specifically used to give thanks…and eat. It’s also the time of year students are taught about the start of our country. About how the pilgrims and indians came together and ate popcorn. That’s right, I said popcorn! Just ask Elvis, according to him, the pilgrims taught the indians (who are also called “Mative Amuricans”) how to make popcorn! I learned a lot about our forefathers in the last couple weeks, as Elvis came home from school everyday telling me what he learned.

I learned that pilgrims don’t wear underwear….they wear long boring white stuff that looks like clothes, under their real clothes. I also got a detailed explanation on how to load a pilgrim gun, complete with how to use the “thing that looks like a cow horn, but really has powder inside!” Pilgrims also had “corn-o-cupsia”, that had marshmallows and Cheerios in it. (I think they made these as a snack) All these stories kinda make me want to go back to school….but only to kindergarten. Anything else would be too hard….

We’ve had a lot of change this year, some good, some not so good, but overall a lot to be thankful for. We’ve had good health for the whole family, steady jobs and opportunities to grow as people and as a family. I’m thankful for my amazing husband, who while switching jobs, supported me while I worked grow my jewelry business. I’m thankful that we live in a free country, so we have the opportunity to look at different churches to decide what’s the best fit for our family. I’m thankful for all my friends and family who have let me vent my various issues. And last, (this one is cheesy, but it made all the difference this year!) I am thankful for my bathtub. The one place I could (mostly) disappear for an hour or so, to decompress from the day or week.

We have a lot to be thankful for, sometimes it easy to forget that….



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