A Magical Childhood

It’s the day after Christmas, and we are done celebrating…4 Christmases later. Most of the year it’s nice having so much family in the area, but this time of year it’s exhausting. It usually means 3 different houses in 3 days, plus our own. Don’t get me wrong…I love it, but when it’s all said and done, it’s nice to just sit and not have to go anywhere.

This year Santa really got played up with Elvis… not sure why, but it did. I never grew up believing in Santa Claus, in fact I was that kid who ruined the other kids’ beliefs. I’m not sure why my parents chose not to encourage the idea of a big, fat man who can flies around the world in one night, to visit every single kid (that he’s been watching all year) and give them the all the toys they’ve ever dreamed of. Oh wait…maybe I do. Either way, I decided that I wouldn’t say one way or another if Santa was real. Elvis decided for himself that he is. So, we’ve gone to visit Santa at the mall, written letters, and I’ve wrapped the presents from Santa in Santa paper. My husband told Elvis that Santa wasn’t real. Elvis thought about it for a minute, then responded with an emphatic “You’re lying Dad! Santa IS real!”

While we were with my family, my grandfather told Elvis, that it isn’t Santa that comes to your house on Christmas Eve, it’s the Easter Bunny. Elvis definitely didn’t buy that one. (I mean really, the Easter Bunny? Come on now…nobody really believes that a bunny hides eggs…dumbest fairytale creature ever)

So even with all the naysayers, Elvis stuck to his beliefs like super glue to your fingers. And when I tried to tell him that Dad and I got him a couple of gifts, he was convinced that I was lying too. And the most amazing part of the whole thing, is that he knows that Santa has limits. People dress up like Santa to “help” him; and Santa only comes to kids…not “amdults” ’cause Santa only has enough time to give presents to the kids.

I don’t know how long this will last, he hasn’t figured out all the inconsistencies yet. Like the fact that we don’t have a chimney. But I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, and encourage it while I can. Because have something so magical to believe in, is one of the best parts of childhood.


And for those who read my last post, the cookies never did get made….but that’s okay, I made some baked brie bites instead and they were de-lish! Plus, I don’t have any left so I won’t be munching for days on them…


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