What’s For Dinner?

“What’s for dinner?”

Such an annoying question….yet it’s one that’s asked almost everyday. (or some version of it) And I have to admit, the answer is usually “I don’t know, find something.” I love a good homecooked meal, I just don’t like being the one to cook it, or clean up after it. So when I do cook (which is once a month at best) it’s super easy, super fast, and super quick. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking something that’s only going to be enjoyed once, for a few minutes. (we don’t eat very many leftovers either…something about reheated food just isn’t the same)

That being said, my good friend Tricia got me hooked (literally hooked, like spending hours and hours) on this website called pinterest. It’s the most brilliant invention ever! It’s a giant bulletin board for the web. If it has a picture it can be “pinned” to pinterest. There are all kinds of categories, but the one I spend the most time on, is the food and drink section. By the time I get done looking at one recipe the page has been updated with tons of new ones to take its place. It’s glorious…. so many yummy looking pictures. And the best part? Most of them require less than 10 ingredients (a huge plus! and makes it more likely that I’ll actually try it) and only a little bit of prep time.

So I have pinned several recipes that I hope to try, and have tried a few that turned out amazingly! Now I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, but I’m going to make one this year: to try and cook a real dinner once a week. And find more yummy recipes on pinterest….

And who knows…maybe I’ll find that I like cooking. (I’m not holding my breath though….) Either way, I’m going to attempt to post my adventures in the kitchen, and hope they turn out as yummy as the pictures look.

P.S. I’m looking for a dishwasher….who will work for free, er, food!


And for all those readers who haven’t ever heard of pinterest and want to check it out, it’s an invitation only site, but I would be more than happy to invite you and let the brain sucking begin! Seriously….


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