Last year was a year of changes and growth. We went through a job change, a period of no health insurance, sending our oldest to kindergarten, entered the terrible twos for the last time, as well as some spiritual challenges and growing pains. Jon and I did a lot of growing up this year. Have I mentioned that growing up sucks? Well, it does….

I had been hoping that this year would be less eventful. Looks like God has other plans. I was all set and ready to enjoy my year. My business is taking off (yay!) and we finally know what’s wrong with Jon. (besides the obvious…) And while these are great things, and  should continue… more changes are on the horizon.

God has a sense of humor, because while I’m making my plans for a nice calm year, He’s making His plans for another year of growth. Several events in the last couple weeks have really made it clear that it’s not me in control, it’s Him. And while I have always “known” that, I never really believed it. I like to think I have control, and God has let me for several years. Well, no more. It’s time for change. Yay?

So while I mourn the loss of my control, I celebrate the fact that He is in control, always looking out for me. I will never go through something that I can’t handle, and it will all be to His glory.

I couldn’t ask for anything more!



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