It’s A Monster!!!!

So I haven’t done very well with my 1 cooked meal a week idea. Life has kinda gotten in the way, especially since either Jon or I is gone most nights of the week. Oh well….there’s always this month, right?

Even though I haven’t cooked much, we have managed to increase the number of quick and easy meals that everyone (almost) will eat! We’ve added pepperoni pizza to the mix. A few months ago Elvis decided he liked pepperoni, why I don’t know but I wasn’t about to question it. Since then we go through about 2-3 packages a week between lunch, snack and dinner.

So one day about a month ago, Elvis’ class was going to have a pizza party. I really didn’t feel like packing him a lunch if he was going to get a free one, so I decided to convince him that he liked pizza. Here’s what I did; I explained the ingredients and then told him they put it all together so you can take 1 bite and eat all your favorite things!

Pepperoni Pizza:

Start with some breadsticks all stuck together
Add some ketchup
Sprinkle a little bit of cheese on top
Place some pepperonies on top.

And there you have it…. Pepperoni Pizza.

Now Elvis asks for it almost everyday…. We’ve created a monster…..


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