What Technology Has Done To Our Kids

That is a really deep title. I mean there are so many things that could be said under that heading. I could go on an on about how wonderful it is, and how it allows people today to change the world. Or I could go the other way and talk about how bad it has been, and how we are raising kids who don’t know how to talk to someone in real life, or lack creativity. Blah, Blah, Blah….

I could talk about any of those things, but I’m not. Not exactly anyways. Instead I’m going to talk about an incident that happened yesterday with Elvis that is still making me giggle. For my friends on facebook, you already know this story but it’s still funny so you should keep reading anyways. Especially since I have a little more background to add.

It all started (now I feel like an old person starting a story, sorry about that) yesterday, when I decided that the afternoon would be spent without any movies going. Because it’s been driving me crazy that one of the boys will ask to watch a movie, sit down for 5 minutes tops and then take off to go play in the basement, bedroom or outside. So I said enough! Here’s the responses I got: Elvis, “But MOoooOOM, I’m bored and I don’t know what to play with!”. From Tiki I got, “Sheeeeppppp…..” while in tears. (He likes to watch Shaun the Sheep, thank you Pat). I told them that they have an entire toy box filled toys they can play with. Elvis proceeded to tell me how they can’t find any toys in there, so it’s no fun.

Ok, valid point. I’ll buy that, it is hard to play with your toys,  if you can’t find the ones you want to play with. So I grabbed a couple empty containers (they used to contain toys, until they all got thrown into the bug toy box…ironic…) and set to work reorganizing the toy box. As I was doing so, I pulled out all of the kids meal toys that had ended up in there and threw them away(there was a surprising amount! I think they multiply overnight, because I usually get rid of them as soon as the kids are in bed).

This is the part where it gets just plain funny. I had sent Elvis to find a shirt (he’s been going shirtless lately, a story for another time) and in the process he had thrown something away. That’s when he discovered I had thrown the toys away. You would have thought that the toys had feelings the way he was going on. (Maybe we’ve watched the Toy Story series a little too much.) He then proceeded to stomp through the house muttering under his breath about how horrible I was, and how dare I throw the toys away, and how many times have I done this?

As I’m cracking up (quietly of course….) I hear this, “And when I figure out how to use the house phone, I’m calling the police!”

Now I’m rolling! Our house phone is a cell phone (because it’s waaayyy cheaper than actually paying for a landline). It’s a very simple one because all we need it to do is make phone calls, it does have a QWERTY keyboard, but it was a free phone vs. the other free one that was a flip phone. But it has buttons. Not a touch screen. Buttons. Give the kid an iPhone and he’s all over it (the 3 year old too!), but he can’t handle buttons.

I wonder what else I can put buttons on….


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