It’s A “Clean” Post….

So I just spent about 5 minutes trying to decide how to title this post. I know you’re probably thinking, “Why? Why wouldn’t she just write the post and come back to the title later?” Because I can’t. I must write the title before I write the post. That’s just how I roll, so go with it….

Anyways, that was a total side note. I’m writing about poop today. Or rather, how to clean up poop. Poop that my three year old likes to play with during naptime. Smushing it into the carpet of his bedroom, painting the backside of his door and smearing it on the dresser. We went about 3 weeks with this happening anywhere from once a week to every other day….. All at naptime…. Gross…. This conviently coinceded with my retirement from my job as well. It was like a “Welcome to being a stay-at-home mom!” kind of thing.

After the first week, we rented a steam cleaner to clean the carpet (because just spot treating it, doesn’t quite get it all the way clean). But after Tiki continued his poop painting for another 2 weeks with no end in sight, I decided to check out pinterest to see if there were any cheap homemade carpet cleaner tips/recipes. I found 3 of them, and decided to try them!

Side note here: I love pinterest! It’s the best website ever. I wish that I had thought of it, but alas, I was too busy at work….

So here’s what I started with:

Gross I know! And this only about half of what he did! I would also like to take this time to say thank you to the genious who picked WHITE carpet for the bedrooms/living room… Just not smart….

So the first thing I had to do (obviously) was clean up the excess poop. I decided to try the first recipe at the same time. You can find the it here. It consisted of Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide. I wasn’t convinced that it would make a good stain remover, but it seemed like a good one for general cleaning. Here’s the result of this one:

Not too bad, but it definitely wasn’t clean enough…. So it was on to recipe number 2. (Found here). This one is a little more intense, but again, I wasn’t convinced it be an effective stain remover.

Here’s the result of cleaning attempt 2:

We are making progress! Yes! Tiki was very disturbed by the baking soda on his floor. He was also upset that I was taking a picture of him and not the floor…. Very funny!

I still wasn’t happy with the floor, but I had to wait a few days to let the floor dry out from my cleaning attempts thus far. So on Labor Day (fitting, I know), I went for attempt number 3. (found here)This one scared me a little because it involved ammonia and an iron…. weird….

Here’s the result of that one:

I am pretty happy with this! There are still a few spots here and there, but overall this method took up most of the staining. And if it didn’t, well, I cleaned the floor with ammonia…. There shouldn’t be any gross poop germs lurking in the carpet….

Thankfully, since I cleaned the floor we’ve had no more poop painting. (knock on wood) I’m hoping it was just a random few weeks, and we’re done.

Now if I can just get him potty-trained….



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