They Say We Are Crazy.

Yes! It is a second post in the same month! And it’s the day after I already posted! I’m living on the edge…. (and totally breaking out into song in my head right now….sorry about that…) Anyways, the purpose of this post, is to do a little life update. Because we can’t go more than a month without something changing. I’m not sure why, but that’s pretty much been the story since we got married. Keeps me from getting to bored with life, I guess.

So we’ll start with me. It has now been 6 weeks since I last worked a “real” job. And I’m loving it! I still kinda feel like I’m on vacation, but it’s better because I don’t have to go back! The only bad thing about staying home all  day every day, is that I feel obligated to clean my house…. (But if you show up today, you’ll find a mess. I’m currently working on projects I never had time to do, so the normal stuff has gotten pushed aside a little.) I still get to get out of the house in the evenings about 1 to 3 times per week for some girl time with my jewelry shows, so I definitely still get the “adult” conversations with people other than my husband.

And that leads me into the family craziness. Although I get to leave the house by myself for those few nights, the rest of them are also packed with meetings and other activities. If it’s not me gone, it’s my husband or both of us gone. I think I can honestly say that it’s  only about once a week (if we’re lucky) that we are both home for the whole night. It leads to some crazy dinner schedules and a lot of, “Just find something and eat” meals. I’m trying to do better about making more dinners, but it hasn’t happened yet. (Sorry, honey!) I do however, have a ton of great recipe ideas, just waiting for me to try, on Pinterest. (Have I mentioned how much I love that site? It’s the best….)

One of the things keeping us busy is the youth group. We are now official youth group leaders. Being a part of a youth group again is exciting, however being on the adult side of it can be hazardous to your health. I am definitely not in the same shape as I was in high school. Something I discovered last week during the soccer game we played. It somehow ended up being the leaders against the kids. I was barefoot. (it was better than the flip-flops I was wearing. I did not plan for soccer….) I haven’t run that much or that hard close to 10 years and I may have gotten stepped on by a really tall member of the other team.  I also may have a really colorful foot right now, that hurts to put inside a shoe because of the giant bruise that’s on top of my foot….

Yeah, definitely hazardous to your health…. And a huge reality check that even though it hasn’t been that long since high school, it doesn’t take that long to get horribly out of shape…. Good thing we won’t be playing games like that every week. I think I’ll stick to board games, I’ll never get out of shape on those!

So that’s one of the things keeping us busy at church, in addition to Jon being on sound, me being in the toddler nursery and both of us greeting. Oh, and Jon is going to a part of the drama at Christmas time. So not too much going on there.

Some people think we are crazy. (I think our pastor stopped telling us what they needed volunteers for, because we keep volunteering….) But for us, it’s normal. We don’t function well with nothing to do.  Maybe someday we’ll slow down. (Maybe we’ll have 2 nights at home!) But probably not.

Crazy is subjective. I think we are normal. But then again, “normal” is just a setting on the washing machine….


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