Walk Right In.

I have to drive my son to school. He goes to a charter school that doesn’t provide busing. So, every day I drive 15 minutes to school in the morning and then back home, and then 15 minutes in the afternoon to pick him up and then back home. An hour of each day is spent driving either to or from school. Some people might think that’s crazy, but I don’t mind. It gives us a chance to talk without distractions. (Except for the scenery…or every single semi that we pass in Tiki’s case…. gotta love 3 year olds!)

All kinds of things come up in our conversations that probably wouldn’t normally. Sometimes they are on the strange side, like our conversation on zombies this morning. And sometimes they are deeply theological in subject. I love these talks! It’s so interesting to see how Elvis processes the information and comes up with his own ideas on what it means. Sometimes they are right on, other times we talk about how it doesn’t quite work that way.

A few weeks ago, Elvis asked how humans got on this world. So I explained how God created Man to live on the earth, take care of it and to glorify Him. This is his response, “So, what about Girl?” After composing myself, I answered with, “God created girls to help man.” Elvis accepted this with a simple, “Oh, so boys need a lot of help. Ok.”

These are the conversations that just leave me laughing and remind me that he is only 6, and that means things are often taken literally. And then there are the ones that challenge me. When the childlike faith makes things so simple, that it’s kinda like a smack in the face. We had one of those this morning.

We somehow got on the subject of zombies. (Don’t ask me how, it just happened.) Elvis mentioned something about how if you never eat “in a million, trillion years you’d become a zombie. And then you’d get dead and not go to God’s land.” That lead into a discussion on the difference between heaven and hell. Naturally, Elvis asked what hell was. After explaining it to him, and how the only way to get to heaven is to ask Jesus into your heart, he said “Jesus is in my heart, and every morning I ask him to walk right in again.”

How awesome is that? To make a conscious decision everyday to let Jesus into your life. I know that I have many days that it’s a thought far from my head. I can go through the entire day without thinking about God and it’s not until I hit my devotional time before bed, that I realize it. How much better would my day be if I took 30 seconds, to ask God to “walk right in.” I will never be a morning devotional person, I just can’t focus first thing in the morning, but I can take that time to start my day right.

What if we all did that? How would you live differently if you asked Jesus to walk into your heart each and every morning? To make that conscious decision to let Him guide your steps? I challenge you to try it. See what kind of difference it can make in your life. Then let me know!



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