It’s a Zorse!

It’s the last day of Spring Break. Yay for the return of routine! Anyway, this year we didn’t go anywhere for a family vacation (like normal) but we did take our youth group down to Kentucky to visit the Creation Museum.  If you ever get a chance to go, DO IT! It was awesome. There’s a ton of information, and they deliver it in a way that is easy to understand. Awesome. Plus, they had a petting zoo that had a Zorse and a Zadonk! They were sooo cool.


The brown one is the Zorse (A horse and a zebra mix) and the grey one is the Zedonk (a donkey and a zebra mix). These two are brother and sister, they share a zebra daddy. (Talk about ‘blended’ families!) Anyways, really cool creatures.

One of the coolest things at the museum was the Noah’s Ark exhibit. They had a section that was about 1% of the total size of the ark, and it was HUGE! They are currently building a life size representation of the Ark that they hope to have open next year, and if it’s anything like the Museum, it’s going to be AWESOME!

I won’t share anymore about the museum, so I don’t ruin it for those that haven’t been yet. (But you need to go… so cool!) I’ll move on the rest of the trip. We had 22 people, 6 leaders and 17 teenagers. Somehow I ended up with 5 of the 7 girls in my hotel room. Let’s just say, there was a lot of laughter and little sleep…. But it was fun. (Although I was very thankful to get back to my own bed, in a quiet house.)

It was interesting being on the other side of youth group trips. I never really thought about all the logistics of getting (and keeping) that many people in vehicles, tickets, food and lodging. Plus making sure the parents had the necessary info as well. In high school, all I remember was telling my parents that we had this or that trip coming up and it cost this much. So it was kinda fun being on the other end.

Although it was a long weekend, accented by little sleep, it was a blast. I’m so glad we have such a good bunch of kids in our youth group, and I’m looking forward to more trips and events with them.


100_2115Another pic of the zorse and zedonk…. just because… they’re awesome!




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