So much more…

I just got back from the national conference for the company I work for. It’s a direct sales jewelry company, so one would assume we would be learning all about the latest line, sales techniques and how to grow our businesses. And while we did see the new jewelry line and get a few tips about working our business, the vast majority of the weekend was about us. The people.

The theme for the week was “Count it All Joy.” Over and over again we heard about how to find joy, what joy is and how to share joy. We had guests speakers that focused on finding joy in the hard times, and finding joy in our marriages. We had leaders in the company talk about how joy is always within reach and that sometimes our attitude is the only thing standing between us and joy. They talked about how joy can be shared, providing hope for others. They shared how joy gives us a reason to keep on hoping even when we are struggling with what life throws at us. They taught us how you have to have joy if you’re going to enjoy the journey. They told us the difference between happiness and joy.

It’s incredible to me that they spent so much money and time, pouring into us as people… they could really truly, honestly care less about selling. It’s not about the sales for them, it’s about the people. How can they help people find hope and joy. This is the third conference that I’ve been too, and each year it’s been the same. It’s amazing and it’s refreshing. It’s empowering and encouraging. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year and even though it’s non-stop busy for three days, I leave feeling re-energized.

They’ve shown me what it means to operate with integrity, to never compromise my beliefs, all while focusing on the people around me, looking for opportunities to provide hope and joy. Being a part of this company has made me a better person…

This little jewelry business that I have? Is so much more than a business….


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