It’s Not Okay

A lot had happened over the last few months, some good, some not so good. And lately, there’s been more bad than good. Most of it because people have reacted and/or acted on some circumstance or event. And I’m pissed off, angry, tired of biting my tongue, and it’s not okay that I feel like I have to keep my mouth shut. So I’m not any longer. There are times to keep silent, but this is no longer one of those times.

It’s not okay to be treated as though you have done something wrong even though you haven’t.

It’s not okay to quit just before the end of a commitment because you “feel led to.”

It’s not okay to put your hurt feelings above mine.

It’s not okay for the church to make people feel as though preventing the appearance of sin is more important than the sinner looking for forgiveness and acceptance.

It’s not okay that I have found more integrity outside the church than within it.

It’s not okay to use “religion” as an excuse to judge others.

It’s not okay to use your belief system to try to force others into believing the same.

It’s not okay to give up because things aren’t going how they thought they should.

It’s not okay that a group of kids is so used to adults leaving that they no longer question why.

It’s not okay. It’s just not. And I’m tired of sitting by and watching it happen. This is the me, standing up, getting ready to fight back. Because we deserves better. It’s time to stop letting it happen, it’s time to speak up. We can’t settle for not okay. Just because this is how it’s been, doesn’t mean we should let it continue.

I’m angry, and it’s not okay.